17f is a quartet who plays Americana folk music. Led by a delicate instrumentation where power is not calculated in decibels. The band created a strong identity on stage, used to play in tight places, they took advantage of these places to build their sound. Heavily influenced by Neil Young, Mark Hollis or Pink Floyd, 17f transports you into a cinematic world. 17f past collaborations with Kudsi Erguner, James Yorkston, Nils Frahm, Emphemetry, Hemlock Smith, Goodby Ivan, Sean Booth.


17f est un quartet Veveysan qui délivre une folk americana teintée de psychédelisme. Emmenés par une instrumentation délicate où la puissance ne se calcule pas en décibels, le groupe a su créer une identité forte sur scène. Habitués à se produire dans des endroits exigus, les veveysans ont tiré parti de ces lieux pour apprivoiser leur son . Très influencés par Neil Young, Mark Hollis, Pink Floyd, 17f vous transportera dans un monde cinematographique propice à l'introspection.

About the musicians

Fred Merk

Vox, guitars

Fred Merk is the former member of 17f. He loves to create soundscapes and stories, trying to reach the beauty of silence with his music. Influenced by Daniel Lanois, Mark Hollis.

Theo Missillier


Theo comes from the jazz and is an utterly expressive drummer. He never plays louder than required and knows when power is needed. Influenced by Magma, King Crimson.

Mat Evequoz

Guitar, lapsteel

Mat is an instinctive musician, creating harmony layers with a unique sound. He is the guy who creates the atmosphere within 17f. Mostly influenced by Wilco, The Cure.

Laurent Jaussi


Laurent is a sensitive bass player, who's exploring the silence and the sensuality of each notes. An uncommonly discrete bass-player, groovin' like hell. Influenced by all the old good stuff.


KBS Live

cd, digital(2016)

This new album was recorded live at KBS Studio (Crebelley/Switzerland) in a ranch. A collection of past songs played with the energy of the band. Mastered by Pink Floyd's twice Grammy nominated engineer Andy Jackson.

two cowboy songs

ep, vinyl, digital(2015)

"...Two Cowboy Songs is split very evenly between those two lines of “The Joker”. First, 17f’s the space cowboy, then the gangster of love. In both, they do a great homage to golden-era Nancy and Lee"
Sputnikmusic (UK)

son of a river

lp, vinyl, cd, digital (2013)

"...Ce disque est de ceux qui s'écoutent avant tout en solitaire, fort ou au casque, en se projetant des images au sens propre ou encore mieux seulement dans votre imaginaire."
Froggy Delight (FR)

The boy who cried wolf

lp, vinyl, digital (2011)

“...The latest album from 17f, is a gorgeous collection that uses flutes, bells and the aforementioned guitar to create delicate songs and soundscapes that are relaxing to the ear, drifting across the room like a long-forgotten perfume."
The Terrascope (UK)

Tree of them

lp, cd, digital (2010)

"...Hors-mode et un poil hors-norme, 17F fascine par sa précision pointilleuse et pointilliste, façonnant patiemment des panoramas amples et hypnotiques à la fois."
Bon pour les Oreilles (CH)